Our services
We have specialised ourselves in a gentle and mild treatment, which includes our regard of people in their entirety. We make time for our patients and are responsive to potential anxieties or problems. Further, it encompasses a specific injection technique with minimal discomfort that represents an important aspect of an anxiety-free treatment. Sedation (dulling of pain and calming effect) is also a possibility on request.

We partake regularly in scientific, practical advanced trainings with according certifications. We look after the 'Deutsche Schule Málaga' in the capacity of school dentist.

This is an overview of our services:

  • General dentistry
    Prophylaxis, fillings etc.
  • Aesthetic all-ceramic dentures
    Crowns, bridges (if desired zirconium), veneers (thin layer of restorative material)
  • Implants
    made of high-purity titanium (that is accepted by the body like its own tissue), also with immediate use
  • Digital radiography
  • Immediate repair of artificial dentures
  • Professional dental cleaning
    Gentle procedure (manually, ultrasound, airflow)
  • BriteSmile Power Bleaching
    Particularly gentle treatment, as only 15% hydrogen peroxide (patented gel) is used instead of 35% as in all other bleachings. This is worldwide the only bleaching system without attacking the tooth enamel!
  • Dentistry for children
  • Amalgam detoxification
  • Homoeopathy and naturopathic treatment

If you should have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to give you further information.